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Balance beam
Oct 26, 2018

The balance beam movement, like its name, needs balance. The athletes must make a series of dances and churning moves on a crossbar that is 1.2 meters above the ground and about 10 centimeters wide.

Body posture and body control are the most important. Many of the movements on the balance beam are similar to the rhythmic gymnastics movements, but the difficulty is getting bigger and bigger. The athlete also takes the balance beam from a springboard and completes the action and lowers the balance beam in 75-90 seconds. Balance beam movements also require consistency. Insufficient time or overtime, swing, landing, pause, etc. will be deducted.

As the athletes continue to increase the difficulty of the action, the balance beam game becomes more and more exciting. In 1972, when Olga Korbut made a backflip in the Olympic balance beam for the first time, some people tried to prohibit the backflip from being used in the balance beam because it was too dangerous. Fortunately, this has not been implemented, so today we have seen more and more exciting balance beam games or performances.

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