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Climbing rope
Oct 26, 2018

A Chinese folk sports activity that climbs up along the overhanging ropes. Climbing ropes originate from the needs of production activities and military struggles. In the "Han Han·Southern Xiongnu Biography", in a war, the Han army "hanging the ropes, going through the Tianshan Mountains and breaking the black scorpion" shows that climbing ropes has long been an effective means of combat. In the daily production work in the mountains, in the case of steep cliffs, it is also necessary to climb the ropes. Rope bridges erected in remote ethnic minority areas require a certain rope climbing skill when climbing. There are two ways to climb the rope: one is to use both hands and feet, that is, the two hands hold the straight arm to hang, then the abdomen bends the leg to hold the rope, the legs are straight, and the flexor pulls up; the other only uses the upper limbs. That is, holding the rope with both hands, the legs are suspended, and the arms are pulled upwards with force. With the inertia, the hands alternately change upwards in time to make the body rise continuously. When the rope is lowered, you can use the two legs to clamp the rope. Do not slide down quickly to prevent the palm from rubbing. Do not jump off when the ground is high to avoid falling. The rope-climbing exercise is popular in China. It not only develops strength, endurance and climbing skills, but also cultivates the courage and willpower of people.