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Climbing wall
Oct 26, 2018

The artificial climbing wall is assembled from hundreds of rock plates of less than 1 square meter. The rock plates can be assembled into different inclinations for climbing difficulty, such as the bent rock, eaves, straight walls and other various rock states seen in nature, fixed on the brackets to create various spatial shapes.

Rock climbing really became an independent sport. It was first seen in France in 1970. Before that, rock climbing was attached to mountaineering activities, just to overcome the difficulties in the climbing process;

The term [sports climbing] was also officially presented during this period of time and was given a clear definition. Since then, rock climbing has had its own new life, and it has developed separately from mountaineering. There are more and more people, although they are not climbers, or they have never climbed the mountain, but they are climbing. I found a lot of fun. This has a climbing wall.

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