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Healthy rider
Oct 26, 2018

The health rider is one of the common equipments used in community fitness. It can enhance the heart and lung function of the human body, activate the main joints of the whole body, develop the upper and lower limbs and the strength of the lower back, and enhance the function of the digestive system by massage the internal organs.

The key to making a health rider is to stretch and tighten the muscles in a controlled manner. When you pull up the handle, you should squeeze the shoulder blade backwards, and at the same time, back the back and bow backwards, you can better exercise your back muscles. When you return, you should unfold the shoulder blades and send your hands as much as you can. far away. The legs should be evenly forced when they step down, and they must be controlled to retreat when returning.

The action is too fast and uneven, and it is prone to sports injuries. On the one hand, the action is too fast, which may cause damage such as squeezing and bumping; on the other hand, it may easily cause damage to muscles or tendons. Causes discomfort and even pain in the lumbar spine, cervical vertebrae, shoulder and back.