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Seesaw principle
Oct 26, 2018

The principle of the seesaw is the principle of leverage. The pressure on the seesaw is the power and resistance. The distance from the person to the fixed point of the seesawThe distance is the power arm and the resistance arm.

The acceleration of gravity causes one up and down, and the acceleration of gravity is higher than that of the lower one, so the upper one drops, and at the same time, the lower one is tilted under the action of the lever principle, and thus circulates.

We all know that playing the seesaw is a playable children's play equipment that needs to be matched to play. When playing, it requires two children to cooperate well. Therefore, this kind of children's play equipment is not suitable for children under 5 years old without accompanying adults. The children play, because the children still don't know how to take care of each other. If they don't want to play, they will go down and do not care what the other party is in. It is often prone to accidents.