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Seesaw safety precautions
Oct 26, 2018

1. The seesaw can only sit on one child at a time. If the weight difference between the two children is too large, you can talk to your child and play with a child of similar weight instead of sitting on a child at the light end.

2. Two children should sit face to face on the seesaw, don't reverse, sit back to back.

3. Have your child hold the handle tightly with both hands, do not try to touch the ground or empty your hands. Keep your feet on the place where you are pedaling. If there is no place for the ankle, you can naturally hang down instead of curling under the seesaw, otherwise the squat will press down on the child's feet when pressed down.

4. If other children are playing on the seesaw, keep a distance while waiting next to them. Never put your foot under the raised slab, or stand in the middle of the slab's crossbeam, or try to climb to the sill that is tilting up and down.