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Vibration training has the potential to increase strength and explosiveness
Oct 26, 2018

At the fitness and rehabilitation equipment exhibition, the vibration platform is always particularly eye-catching. It can produce high-frequency vibrations, and the exerciser needs to complete the squat or push-ups in the vibration. The designer believes that the vibration generated by the machine can stimulate the sacral nerves in the muscles, causing hundreds of tiny muscle fibers. Shrink action. Some fitness equipment manufacturers also design shocks into their products. Although the theory of vibration-stimulated muscle growth sounds appealing, in the 10 years since the device was introduced, it has not been heard that professional athletes or bodybuilders use it seriously, and there is no evidence to show that this The performance of the device is worried about similar products that are not vibrating. Vibration training seems to have a significant effect on the warm-up of the muscles and temporarily increases the explosive power of the muscles.