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Aerobic Equipment
Oct 26, 2018

Some elderly people increase the stride on the spacewalker, spanning 160 degrees to 180 degrees, and the spacewalker as a "dynamic kicker" is quite dangerous. Because it may cause the hip ligament to relax, it is easy to cause dislocation. Dr. He suggested that the elderly should repeat more low-intensity aerobic exercise.

Tip 3: Do not swing on the same side of the spacewalker. This kind of gameplay has no fitness effect, and it may fall if you don't pay attention.

The health rider is a kind of exercise equipment that is more suitable for the elderly. When playing, pay attention to the head backwards and pull it back to the body as much as possible. This will help prevent and improve cervical spondylosis.

Tip 4: People with disc herniation must not play the rider.

The skater is also a device suitable for the elderly to exercise, but some old comrades are playing too fast in playing this kind of equipment. Calculated in a cycle of 360 degrees, the average elderly friend should not exceed 1.5 to 2 cycles in one second.

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