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Oct 26, 2018

(1) Horizontal bar. The purpose of the elderly to do the horizontal bar is mainly to stimulate the muscles. The 60-year-olds do not have to do too fast and too much, and do not need to do everything possible. People with moderate symptoms of disc herniation can do moderate flexion on the horizontal bar, feet on the ground, and more than half the weight of the hanging, its function is equivalent to hanging traction.

Tip 6: An old friend who can't do a pull-up on the horizontal bar, don't hang on the horizontal bar, beware of shoulder dislocation.

(2) In place. Older people with softened tibia are not suitable.

Special note: For any device with a barbell, don't try to use it with 100% effort. Walking on the balance beam, it is advisable to walk on the hand and not challenge yourself indefinitely. Don't walk carelessly on the top, but it is easy to cause a fracture if you fall.