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Outdoor Fitness Equipment Development
Oct 26, 2018

Due to the use environment and different frequency of use, outdoor fitness equipment and indoor fitness equipment have completely different characteristics. The indoor fitness equipment has special person management and special person guidance, while the outdoor fitness equipment is exposed to the outdoor environment of wind and rain for many years, not only requires the equipment to have good anti-loose and waterproof performance, but also anti-theft, and the surface quality requirements of the equipment are also required. Higher, can not appear paint, rust and so on.

China is a big country in the manufacture of indoor fitness equipment, but most of it is OEM production, lacking its own brand. "The reason for the lag in the development of indoor fitness equipment in China is very simple. The habit of indoor fitness in foreign countries is much longer than ours. They have inherent advantages in product development. But the situation of outdoor fitness equipment is completely different. 'National fitness path' Born in China, it has spawned a number of domestic companies that develop and produce outdoor equipment. Whether it is technology or standards, it is a world leader.

In particular, in 2003, the implementation of the national mandatory standard “General Requirements for Safety of Fitness Equipment and Outdoor Fitness Equipment” (GB19272-2003), some large-scale enterprises with great quality gradually developed and expanded. From a global perspective, China’s domestic outdoor fitness The equipment quality is excellent, the structure is novel, the exercise principle is scientific, and the products are exported to Southeast Asia, South Korea, and even Europe and the United States. According to statistics, outdoor fitness equipment on the Chinese market is mostly domestic equipment.